I’ve lived my life fighting my feelings and my emotions. Sometimes I win, and sometimes I lose. I do know why I win when I win: I go to the Word of God to help calm my soul. In the nineties I started compiling Scriptures to help me practice Philippians 4:8 thinking because I realized the Christian life is not measured by how you act when all is going well but rather how you react when your life is upside down. People tell me I live on the topside, and those who know my “secret” have encouraged me to share my resource of Scriptures. What I have shared in this book has helped me hold my tongue, contain explosive situations, and maintain healthy relationships. I believe the truths contained in this book could do the same for you! Run to its pages the next time you embrace a feeling that you need to keep in check. Run to it the next time you are tempted to give in to the flesh or when you have lost the joy of your salvation.

Loretta Walker

Psalm 119:133, “Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.”