Round Up Ministries

Evangelist Kevin L. Walker and family have been traveling the United States since 1990, they are independent, fundamental, King James Bible Baptist.  The Walker family sings Bluegrass Gospel music and has released several music albums.  In addition to their music ministry, Kevin Walker started Cowboys Carnivals for Christ, a ministry dedicated to reaching children by setting up multiple inflatables for kids enjoyment.

Kevin Walker, who is known by children as Ranger Walker, has a puppet, named Gabby whom kids and adults alike enjoy seeing him and his antics.  Ranger Walker and Gabby have several CDs and DVDs out.

Round Up Ministries also has a unique ministry in the form of two animals, Champ the Smiling Trick Horse and Dixie Dawg.  Champ and Dixie perform a wide variety of tricks for adults and children.  You won’t be bored in a service with Champ and Dixie!

Cowboy Carnivals for Christ is another ministry that the Walkers use to help churches see more folks saved.

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cowboy carnivals for christ
champ and dixie

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